Providing a connected perspective to your Product Development. Helping to make the pieces fit.

CERT brings value by ensuring your quality complements your brand, gaining trust from consumers in your company and products.

With over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, import/export, retail and working with most well-established specification systems. We provide a consultancy service helping you navigate the complex maze of information compliance, offering you tailored regulatory support so you can be confident in your product and market requirements.

Support can be across a wide range of products and specifications, providing a good understanding and balanced approach to your requirements. Our experience and exposure to different markets and retailers will hold you in good stead.

You are busy enough making sure your business grows and thrives. Having sourced the “perfect” product, found the right supplier, negotiated appropriate agreements, begun marketing to your target audience and overcome the obstacles during manufacture. The last thing you want is for your stock to be detained by customs due to a lack of required labelling or facing a large fine for violating market labelling regulations.

A common issue is market introducers are so focussed on the product, they can easily miss aspects such as environmental labelling for packaging, or registration requirements which are now becoming mandatory in many markets.

Apart from the product labelling itself, it is good practice to hold information to substantiate your product on file, but would be expected by a marketing authority if your product is challenged and a mandatory requirement for Authorised Representation. A Product Information File does not only substantiate the quality and safety of your product, it is a useful steering document for allowing you to quickly check to ensure your products remain compliant. With the constant changing regulatory environment, it is a must.

CERT takes a holistic approach to ensuring your products are safe and compliant for the markets you intend to sell in.

Key benefits CERT offer are:
  • Provide you with insight into market requirements on both a national and international scale, helping to mitigate the risk of fines and penalties.
  • Customise compliance data for you and effortlessly provide calculations to eliminate guesswork.
  • Full Technical Management experience including Risk Assessment, Complaint and Customer. Liaising, Fault Investigation (FMEA), Product Specification Approval, Strategy and Communication Development.
  • Assurance that product artwork and labelling comply with current and upcoming regulatory requirements for intended markets. Authorised Representative clients benefit from our horizon scanning service that is included gratis.
  • Independent professional review of product specifications, supporting information, including advertisement and trade descriptions in addition to product labelling.
  • We help you to minimise product labelling to help maintain a marketing edge, while protecting your brand.
  • Support with managing compliance strategy and risk mitigation to minimise business impacts such as loss of sales, product recall and obsolete inventory.
  • Tailored advice and support if you encounter enforcement challenges.
  • Contacts for support for additional areas such as market research, shipping, customs and market entry.

Most of all, we can provide the reassurance that your product is safe and compliant for the markets you are selling in to. Reinforcing your business reputation and protecting your brand.