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Technical Support:

Support varies depending on your needs. CERT can offer ad-hoc advice, act as a representative technologist, or provide product testing advice (think of us as a Test House broker). Or it may be advice on the best way to handle a complex 3-way manufacturing process. We offer a wide range of support and would love to tailor a solution for you.

Formulation Review:

A smooth development process without interruptions is what we all strive for.
Prior to your labelling, you need to ensure your product meets legal requirements for where you intend to sell it. CERT can review your formulation to ensure it doesn't contain any banned substances and ingredients are within allowable levels.

Regulatory Advice:

Legislation can be a minefield. Can you afford the time? The earlier you address potential labelling issues, the less disruption in later stages of development. Our objective is to ensure from national to international markets, you have the right legal advice tailored to your business requirements.