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Product and Market Registration:

Different products require varying registration requirements and the same applies with different markets. CERT can ensure that you have all the necessary technical information and notifications, to make clear informed decisions on how to meet applicable legislations.

Key Product Labelling Requirements:

As these are driven by the product type and intended markets, we focus on ensuring mandatory information e.g. composition, usage and warnings are present in the correct order and size where needed. Our objective is to get your pack copy right from the onset, ensuring claims are acceptable and can be substantiated e.g. 3rd party endorsements. This will streamline your development by avoiding additional costs in redesign.

Artwork Verification:

You need confidence in your product and one of the biggest challenges is product labelling. Labels need to meet a range of different requirements such as composition, allergens, safety advisories, language requirements, size and layout to name a few. We can verify that your product labelling does not misrepresent your product, is complete and suitable for your intended markets.