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Product Development Support

Food and Household are diverse product areas. Below are some examples of common product areas where CERT can provide product development support.
In addition to regulatory compliance and product development, support can be provided with testing advice, providing an independent commercial review regarding test requirements. This can address essential health and safety objectives, and provide benchmark performance testing requirements based on the desired quality: “Good, Better, Best”.

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_______ Cookware

Consumers want cookware and bakeware that performs and is easy to clean. This often involves niche products using high-temperature, engineered plastics e.g. silicone, which now commonly appear in bakeware and as accent trims on handles and lids.
CERT can provide support for material selection, food contact material requirements and appropriate labelling. Click on contact CERT to explore options and find a solution that works for you.

_______ Cross Functional

Products in the home with multi-purpose functions. They do not have designated regulatory requirements and can span across multiple product areas. Common examples would be washing up cloths, feather dusters, brooms and mops...
Products may span across several regulations depending on their composition and can also border on ethical and sustainability issues depending on the product. CERT is able to provide guidance and regulatory support and provide you a bespoke solution.
Cross Functional

The products listed here are only an example of the products we support and not an exhaustive list. If you cannot see your product area, please click on Contact CERT to see what solutions CERT can offer you.

_______ Food Contact Materials

Food Contact Materials (FCMs) is any material/article that comes into contact with food either at production, processing, storage, preparation or serving - before its eventual consumption. Testing can be as simple as migration testing for known elements or in the case of plastic packaging in food, could be semi-permeable membrane, full barrier coating, or use of smart materials for preserving.
Contact CERT to discuss your requirements for support regarding complexity, testing, labelling requirements and intended markets.
Food Contact Materials

_______ Furniture

Furniture can be split into two main categories: upholstered and non-upholstered furniture. CERT can provide support for both as upholstery doesn’t necessarily mean a sofa but could be a seat pad for a dining chair. Please see further down for support with upholstery. CERT can provide advice regarding strength, durability and safety testing; product risk assessments, chemical analysis (e.g. MDF), material grading (e.g. leather), labelling, legislative requirements and advice on sustainable materials e.g. CITES.

_______ Garden Equipment & DIY

Garden equipment and tools varies from chemical-based products such as paint with specified labelling requirements, to the machinery directive for power tools. This is a diverse area in itself and draws from legislative requirements from all of the product areas displayed on this page.
CERT can provide technical support, regulatory advice and labelling verification. Get in contact to discuss your product, so we can tailor a solution that fits.
Garden Equipment & DIY

_______ Homeware

Products without a specified function in the home but to look nice, improving the aesthetics of your home. Like cross-functional products, this product area covers a multitude of regulations depending on the construction and use.
CERT can provide testing advice, risk assessments e.g. child appeal, and labelling support compliant with legislation. Please feel free to get in contact to discuss your product(s), so we can find a solution that works with your product development.

CERT can help ensure your product is ‘safe’, constructed in accordance with principles constituting good engineering practice and conforms to specific regulatory safety objectives for your intended markets.         Contact CERT for a tailored solution for your product development support.

_______ Jewellery / Jewelry

Heavy Metals in jewellery have restricted amounts of use in legislation. Products that come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin (for example, earrings, wristwatches and necklaces) must not release nickel ~ 0.5 µcm-1/week, lead ~ 0.05% by weight and Cadmium ~ 0.01% by weight. Post assemblies for use in piercings are more stringent.
Feel free to contact CERT to discuss legislative requirements, testing advice and to ensure your product labelling is compliant with your intended market requirements.

_______ Outdoor

From BBQ’s, kites, solid fuel or gas burners, fireworks, furniture, tents, to swimming aids. This is a growing market with more creative products being developed. Some outdoor products are high risk, but appeal to a wide age range. Where this cannot be accommodated, they need to carry appropriate warning.
Contact CERT for support with risk assessing, product safety, construction manuals, product markings and performance testing advice. Ensuring you have relevant and compliant labelling for your product.

_______ Tabletop

The key risk in this category is toxic metal release from ceramic, glass and cutlery tableware in contact with food. CERT can advise on Regulations, Standards, testing requirements and health and safety, for example the acceptable nominal stress in glassware depending on the application. The product guidelines and risks will need to be reflected in the labelling.
Feel free to get in contact to explore options and requirements.

_______ Upholstery

Upholstered furniture is subject to strict safety standards with regards flammability including beds, sofa beds, cots, cushions and mattresses (new and used). There are five basic requirements that manufacturers of upholstered furniture must meet. Contact CERT for advice on testing, labelling requirements and due diligence e.g. batch testing. The frequency of testing is not set out in the regulations, but is dependent on volumes. CERT can provide support with risk assessments to ensure due diligence and compliance with legislative requirements.

In addition to the pack copy and mandatory markings, CERT can also ensure that images used are appropriate and not misleading when verifying the artwork.

Take the last section, upholstery as an example. A throw displayed on a bed will have different flammability requirements to a throw on a sofa.
CERT can help ensure that your labelling and product branding is not misleading.

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