Thrive 2
Regulatory Adaptation:

CERT can help navigate through the maze of legislative requirements. We can address national requirements where these exceed harmonised legislation, investigating Mutual Agreements in markets where dedicated regulations do not exist. Projects are normally a combination of formulation details, supporting documentation, label layout and any specific market adaptations.

Translation Requirements:

Having the language and tone correct is essential if you are selling your products abroad. A translator has to know the language, the product area and be well versed in the technical translation requirements. CERT can work with your own translations and can offer dedicated translation services with native speakers who understand the regulations, ensuring the language and tone is appropriate for your product and chosen market.

Multi-lingual Labelling:

The challenge is label space. With increasing demand for multi-lingual information, you need to have in-depth knowledge of legislative requirements for each market. In addition to mandatory markings and layout requirements; CERT support 3rd party endorsements, language requirements and prominence of languages used based on your target markets.