CPC uses industry leading product development system processes:

That supports other 3rd party systems

Leverages industry-specific capabilities

20-50% cycle time reduction with fewer manual tasks

With real time design and development collaboration

Providing a cost-effective and intuitive process

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How does the CPC Document work?

So why use CERT CPC?

CERT believe in getting your product development correct at the start. A clear structured integrated plan will save you time and costs, strengthen your product brand and encourage business growth. The Compliance and Pack Copy (CPC) process provides a tailored solution, giving you the tools to ensure your product development stays on track, with quality standards to meet your expectations.

Key Advantages
  • Clear targeted framework, streamlining the process to provide improved accuracy and control.

  • A bespoke process that reduces time and cost in product development.

  • Supports your product development from initial brief through to product artwork.

  • Out of the box functionality, with an intuitive process needing very little training.

  • Unique approach to recording technical data, getting you from concept to launch as quickly as possible, without sacrificing product quality.

  • Adaptable for varying working conditions, developed by people who understand and use the process.

If you are looking to improve profit margins, customer satisfaction and brand value? CERT CPC can help you meet your objectives.

CPC Advantages

So - How much does the process cost?

Our clients pay a single up-front cost equivalent to one day of quality training, which buys you unlimited use of the document template and the right to use the process. CPC documentation can be readily uploaded into a dedicated online secure database, hosted and supported by CERT.

CERT are so confident that you will be happy with the system, that the online database does not have any initial costs, just a monthly charge for the data you have used to cover the cost of the online hardware and bandwidth used.

The database is capable of handling volume from a single user, to the requirements of an international retailer with guaranteed availability. The advantage is the costs are in line with the volume of business, so they cannot escalate out of control. You can use as much of the service as you need without any penalties.

This service is unique in its approach to recording technical data and getting you from concept to delivery as quickly as possible, an essential requirement in today’s current market. With an affordable upfront cost, this makes it accessible and an essential tool for anyone in retail product development.

Feel free to give CERT a call on the number at the bottom of the page, or  Contact CERT to discuss your requirements. Let’s see if we can make the pieces fit and arrange a free trial of the process.

If you are still unsure and want to know more, have a “Sneaky Peak” at the Process Document in a little more detail.

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